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Change of Class Schedule

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Thursday and Friday we will be working on Social Studies OGT Review with the blue OGT books.

The test on Chapter 25 will be postponed to March 2.

Here is the OGT Week Schedule: OGT Schedule

OGT Review Tip: Study the Supreme Court decision: Brown v. Board of Education. This ruling occurred at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement in 1954. It ruled that schools in the U.S. must be desegregated (meaning there couldn’t be all white schools and all black schools). Read this article at American Heritage to strengthen your knowledge of this important decision and its effects: Little Rock Boils Over.

Over the next few days, I will regularly be posting Social Studies OGT review reminders on here. These will be topics that commonly occur on the OGT, some review on the basic information of that topic, and a link to an website or article to review it in more depth.

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The Second Red Scare

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Joe McCarthy - Fueled fears that Communists had infiltrated the U.S. government

February 23, 2011

Today we will cover the Second Red Scare:

Cold War Notes (Sec 3 – Second Red Scare)

February 21-25

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Monday, February 21, 2011

The GI Bill was one way we helped soldiers returning from WWII

Here’s an overview of what’s happening this week:

Monday: Collect the research papers, pass back and go over tests, finish up the notes on the Cold War/Korean War.
Homework: Chapter 25/Section 2 “Section Assessment” Page 828. Questions 1-3 (Due Wednesday).

Wednesday: Cover Section 3 on “The Second Red Scare”

Thursday: Wrap up Chapter 25. Prepare for test.

Friday: Chapter 25 Test

Extra Credit (Wednesday):

Read this article on Sen. Joseph McCarthy from American Heritage to supplement Wednesdays lesson: The Humiliation of Joseph McCarthy

Answer these questions for 3 points of extra credit:

1. How did Sen. McCarthy first come to national attention?
2. Who did Sen. McCarthy investigate and accuse of being Communists?
3. What were the problems with McCarthy’s accusations?
4. How does the article describe McCarthy’s character?
5. What led to the fall of Sen. McCarthy?


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Paper Due on Monday

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I hope your paper’s are coming along well. It is 9:30 PM right now, so I figure many of you are working on it as I write this.

Just a reminder that you are turning in a printed copy of your paper tomorrow in class. If for some reason there is a technical problem that prevents that, email it to me ( There is no dropbox on Spring Board for this.

The grading rubric will be based on all the requirements given to you last week. As long as you follow that closely, you should do well.


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The Cold War Begins

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Friday February 18, 2011

Today we will begin Chapter 25. This marks the beginning of study the era that followed World War II: The Cold War. This was an era of hostility and conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. We will see that even though we allied with the Soviets to defeat the Axis Powers in WWII, we were not really friends because of the different ways the two nations were governed and organized.

Cold War Notes (Sec 1 – Iron Curtain)

Cold War Notes (Sec 4 – Korean War)

Cold War PowerPoint

I won’t be checking the Notes on Monday. Focus your efforts over the weekend on the paper. Remember it’s due Monday. Bring a hardcopy (if you can). If you can’t, email it to me.

One last thing: I have graded about 75% of the tests on WWII. So far the grades are very good!

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Study Guide for Chapter 24 Test

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The End of World War II

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February 14, 2011

The Reichstag building after heavy air bombing by the allies in April 1945.

Today we will be covering the end of World War II. During class we will be watching a documentary on the end of WWII. Your homework is to read Section 5 and complete the Section 5 worksheet below. That will be due on Tuesday.

WWII Video Questions (You will be answering these questions while viewing the DVD on the end of WWII)

Section 5 Questions (Due on TUESDAY)

There will be a test on Chapter 24 on Wednesday. Review your notes and the book. I will post a study guide before tonight or on Wednesday.

Paper Assignment – The requirements for the short paper due on Monday. RELAX! 2 pages double spaced isn’t a big deal. College students can do that in their sleep.