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The End of World War II

February 14, 2011

The Reichstag building after heavy air bombing by the allies in April 1945.

Today we will be covering the end of World War II. During class we will be watching a documentary on the end of WWII. Your homework is to read Section 5 and complete the Section 5 worksheet below. That will be due on Tuesday.

WWII Video Questions (You will be answering these questions while viewing the DVD on the end of WWII)

Section 5 Questions (Due on TUESDAY)

There will be a test on Chapter 24 on Wednesday. Review your notes and the book. I will post a study guide before tonight or on Wednesday.

Paper Assignment – The requirements for the short paper due on Monday. RELAX! 2 pages double spaced isn’t a big deal. College students can do that in their sleep.

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