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February 21-25

Monday, February 21, 2011

The GI Bill was one way we helped soldiers returning from WWII

Here’s an overview of what’s happening this week:

Monday: Collect the research papers, pass back and go over tests, finish up the notes on the Cold War/Korean War.
Homework: Chapter 25/Section 2 “Section Assessment” Page 828. Questions 1-3 (Due Wednesday).

Wednesday: Cover Section 3 on “The Second Red Scare”

Thursday: Wrap up Chapter 25. Prepare for test.

Friday: Chapter 25 Test

Extra Credit (Wednesday):

Read this article on Sen. Joseph McCarthy from American Heritage to supplement Wednesdays lesson: The Humiliation of Joseph McCarthy

Answer these questions for 3 points of extra credit:

1. How did Sen. McCarthy first come to national attention?
2. Who did Sen. McCarthy investigate and accuse of being Communists?
3. What were the problems with McCarthy’s accusations?
4. How does the article describe McCarthy’s character?
5. What led to the fall of Sen. McCarthy?


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