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Change of Class Schedule


Thursday and Friday we will be working on Social Studies OGT Review with the blue OGT books.

The test on Chapter 25 will be postponed to March 2.

Here is the OGT Week Schedule: OGT Schedule

OGT Review Tip: Study the Supreme Court decision: Brown v. Board of Education. This ruling occurred at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement in 1954. It ruled that schools in the U.S. must be desegregated (meaning there couldn’t be all white schools and all black schools). Read this article at American Heritage to strengthen your knowledge of this important decision and its effects: Little Rock Boils Over.

Over the next few days, I will regularly be posting Social Studies OGT review reminders on here. These will be topics that commonly occur on the OGT, some review on the basic information of that topic, and a link to an website or article to review it in more depth.

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