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Group Research Activity – Terroism & Oil

Friday April 29, 2011

Today you will be assigned groups and together will research one of two topics: The Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979 or the Oil Crisis of 1973.

These are two important historic events that connect with the challenges America continues to face in the 2000’s. The Iran Crisis will help you understand the beginning of radical anti-America feelings among some parts of the Islamic world. This was one of the first times that violence was used against Americans by Muslims as a political statement. The Oil Crisis of 1973 will teach us how events on the other side of the world can affect gas prices and the economy in our country. Does that sound familiar?

Group Research Activity – Iran Hostage and Oil Crisis

As you are researching this, the main question I want you to think about and answer . . . how does this connect with challenges America faces today? What can America learn from these events of the 1970’s? 

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From Ford to Carter

Today we will be working in groups to learn about the mid to late 1970’s in the United States under the leadership of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

From Ford to Carter Guided Reading (Due on Friday)

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Today we will begin studying the Watergate Scandal. This was a dark time in American history.

Here is today’s assignment: Watergate Guided Reading (Due Thursday on SpringBoard).

We will also cover this in class today. Here are blank Cornell Notes if you like that style of notekeeping: Cornell Notes Template

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Vietnam War Test on Friday

The Vietnam War test will be on Friday (April 22).

Here is a study guide for your convenience in studying: Vietnam War Test Study Guide

We covered Vietnam in great depth, so I expect everyone to do well on this test. There will be some “fill in the blank” questions (with no options)…so be strong on some of the major terms.

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The Vietnam War Ends

April 18, 2011 1 comment

Monday April 18, 2011

A U.S. P.O.W from Vietnam returns home and reunites with his family

Today we will cover how the Vietnam War ended. The Vietnam War was a tragic story and time in American history. America is still haunted by its legacy and trying to determine what needs to be learned from it. We will also look at the history of some of your classmates here at AECHS.

You will not be given pre-made Cornell Notes tomorrow, but here is the template to make your own Cornell Notes: Cornell Notes Template

You will also be responsible for Guided Reading Notes on the end of the Vietnam War: Vietnam War Ends – Guided Reading (Due Wednesday).

See you guys tomorrow. And no, I am not done grading the Sixties paper yet!!! It’s a work in progress and I had other stuff to do this weekend. But please be nice to me anyways! 😛

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Nixon’s Silent Majority Speech

Friday April 15, 2011

Today, period 2 and period 4/5 will be viewing Richard Nixon’s “Silent Majority” speech. In this speech, the new President outlined his approach and policy in Vietnam as he took control of the war from Lyndon Johnson.

Silent Majority Speech Questions

The other periods will be finishing up the Sixties Music presentations and 1968 DVD.

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To prepare for the 60’s project presentations next week, on Wednesday we will watch a documentary on the Sixties called 1968 with Tom Brokaw. This documentary will go through the various themes of the cultural movements in America during the 1960’s.

We will answer these questions as we watch the DVD: 1968 Questions

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