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The Vietnam War Ends

Monday April 18, 2011

A U.S. P.O.W from Vietnam returns home and reunites with his family

Today we will cover how the Vietnam War ended. The Vietnam War was a tragic story and time in American history. America is still haunted by its legacy and trying to determine what needs to be learned from it. We will also look at the history of some of your classmates here at AECHS.

You will not be given pre-made Cornell Notes tomorrow, but here is the template to make your own Cornell Notes: Cornell Notes Template

You will also be responsible for Guided Reading Notes on the end of the Vietnam War: Vietnam War Ends – Guided Reading (Due Wednesday).

See you guys tomorrow. And no, I am not done grading the Sixties paper yet!!! It’s a work in progress and I had other stuff to do this weekend. But please be nice to me anyways! 😛

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