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Group Research Activity – Terroism & Oil

Friday April 29, 2011

Today you will be assigned groups and together will research one of two topics: The Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979 or the Oil Crisis of 1973.

These are two important historic events that connect with the challenges America continues to face in the 2000’s. The Iran Crisis will help you understand the beginning of radical anti-America feelings among some parts of the Islamic world. This was one of the first times that violence was used against Americans by Muslims as a political statement. The Oil Crisis of 1973 will teach us how events on the other side of the world can affect gas prices and the economy in our country. Does that sound familiar?

Group Research Activity – Iran Hostage and Oil Crisis

As you are researching this, the main question I want you to think about and answer . . . how does this connect with challenges America faces today? What can America learn from these events of the 1970’s? 

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