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1st Industrial Revolution & Civil War Review

Wednesday August 24, 2011 – Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today we are going to hit the ground running! Summer is really over and its time to learn history again!

I know most of you aren’t reading this because you haven’t received your laptops yet . . . but it will be extremely important that you visit this website daily for the rest of the school year.

You will learn how the Steam Locomotive was a product of the 1st Industrial Revolution and how it impacted American economic growth

Today we will be reviewing the 1st Industrial Revolution and the American Civil War. This review will set the stage for our first unit on the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

Today you will practice taking Cornell Notes. We will use this note taking strategy often in this class. Cornell Notes provide a way to easily organize your note taking. Basically, it consists dividing your note taking into 2 columns. On the left hand of your note paper you write a key word or the main idea being covered. In the right column, you write your actual notes. You want to try to paraphrase your notes into shorter thoughts in your own words. This helps you process and remember the information better.

Here is your first Cornell Note Sheet: 1st Industrial Revolution Cornell Notes. The notes will be due completed on Friday. 

You will practice making your own Cornell Note sheet for the Civil War presentation.

We will be using a PowerPoint presentation for today’s class. I will usually upload the PowerPoint file on the site under the “Uploads” tab so you can review it later. This will help you on the test.

– Mr. Jones

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