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Chapter 15 Test

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Wednesday September 28, 2011

Today we will be covering Populism and Segregation. If we have time afterwards, you will have time to study for the test on Friday. 

Speaking of the chapter 15 test on Friday, here is the study guided: Chapter 15 Test Study Guide

I really want to see you guys do well on this test! Make use of multiple study strategies and tools:

Chapter 15 Vocabulary, Guided Readings, class notes, textbook & peer resources (work together to study).

Here is today’s PowerPoint on Populism & Segregation: Populism and Segregation


Segregation & Discrimination

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Tuesday September 27, 2011

This week we are changing our schedule a bit because I can’t be here on Thursday. I will be here on Tuesday and Ms. Connolly will be here on Thursday.

Today, we will be working in pairs on the Guided Reading on Section 4 about Segregation and Discrimination. As you know, slavery was ended by the Civil War and the Constitution was amended to give African American’s freedom and rights. But in practice, especially in the South, these rights were not granted. After the Reconstruction Era (when the South was rebuilt and basic equality was enforced by the Federal Government), the southern states came up with a number of ways to disenfranchise African Americans.

You will be reading about the forms of discrimination and segregation that existed in the South after Reconstruction. This section is very important because it will be essential that you understand the concepts when we cover the Civil Rights movement in the second semester. Also, this is important material to know for the OGT.

You should be able to identify: the 14th & 15th Amendments, Jim Crow Laws, Plessy v. Ferguson, Booker T. Washington, & W.E.B. Du Bois.

Segregation and Discrimination Guided Reading

The Rise of Populism

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Friday September 23, 2011

Today we will briefly discuss in class why the “Gilded Age” was called the “gilded age” and discuss the corrupt politics in the cities. You will watch a short video about Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall machine of New York City.

After that, you will be working on the next Guided Reading on the Populist Movement. You will learn about difficult conditions that farmers faced and how they organized to reform conditions that led to these difficulties. This begins the era REFORM that leads to the Progressive Era and the New Deal Reforms. Stay tuned for more on that as this course progresses forward.

Populism – Guided Reading  (This is due Monday night).

Remember there is a Guided Reading from Thursday on Politics in the Gilded Age that is due on Sunday night!

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Politics & Corruption in the Gilded Age

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Today you will read about "Boss Tweed." Tweed was a powerful and corrupt Party Boss in New York City in the late 1800's.

Wednesday September 22, 2011

Today you will be studying how politics were corrupt in the Gilded Age. Many cities in this era were run by corrupt political machines. You will learn what these machines were, how they operated, how they maintained support and the leadership of Party Bosses.

This will lead us into the era of Populism and Progressivism…when individuals tried to correct American  problems and perfect American society.

Today, the students in class will read silently (Silent Sustained Reading) pages 499-502 (stop at “The Populist Movement) and then begin: Politics in the Gilded Age – Part 1 (Guided Reading) (This will be due on Spring Board on Sunday night by 11:59 PM).

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Coming to America

September 18, 2011 1 comment

Hey students! Thought you would enjoy this video!


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Friday September 16, 2011


Today we will begin studying the great wave of immigration from Europe to the United States in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. This was one of the largest mass movement of people from one place to another in the history of the world. You will learn why these people left their homelands in Europe to come to American. You will also learn about the conditions they faced on the journey and how the final decision was made that would either allow them into this country or send them back.

In class, we will be watching a 28 minute video on the history of Ellis Island during the era of Immigration. As we watch the video, you will be answering these questions: Ellis Island Video Questions (Due on SpringBoard by the end of Friday). If you miss class on Friday, you can view the video on your own here (and complete the questions):


You also have a new Guided Reading on Immigration: Sec. 1 – New Immigrants (Guided Reading) (Due on Tuesday September 20 on SpringBoard…by 11:59 PM).

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Moving on…Chapter 15: Life at the Turn of the Century

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Thursday September 15, 2011

We are moving on to chapter 15 today. Chapter 15 continues in the same general time period (1860’s – 1900’s) but focuses on the lives of regular Americans. What was life like at the turn of the century?

You will learn that this was an era of an increase in immigration to this country. What was life like for those immigrants? It was an era of government corruption. It was an era of continued inequalities for minorities.

Today, we will be working independently on looking at an overview of chapter 15 and defining the key vocabulary words. This will build our prior knowledge of the material as we study this section. Having a prior knowledge (a schema in Educational lingo) constructs a mental foundation to help you “build” new understanding on.

Chapter 15 Introduction (Prediction & Vocabulary)

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