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The Rise of Big Business

Today we will cover how the American economy grew enormously huge after the Civil War. This era is known as the Second Industrialization and the Era of Big Business. This era is different from the First Industrial Revolution because of greater technical innovations, bigger businesses selling to bigger markets, monopolies, etc.

You will receive a new Guided Reading today (The Rise of Big Business) that will take you through the details of this topic (due Tuesday). In class, I will be lecturing on this economic growth.  You will be taking notes on your own. You will learn about the growth of the American economy after the Civil War, why it happened, and some basic principles of economics and business that you need to know and understand.

You will also be given a writing assignment today. The Guidelines are found on the “Uploads” page. In this short essay, you will be analyzing the pro’s and con’s of big businesses (corporations) on our economy and society. This essay is for 3 reasons: to help you more fully understand the topic (how large corporations affect lives and the economy), to help you practice writing on the college level, and to help me gauge your formal historical writing skills and your ability to use facts/evidence to analyze a topic and draw a factually supported conclusion.

REMEMBER: The Guided Reading for Section 1 is due today.

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