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Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Today you will be doing a group activity and will learn about the many inventions that came out of the 2nd Industrial Revolution. This was an era that marked a turning point in how Americans lived. Most of these inventions changed how people had done things for 1,000’s of years. Just think about the effects that the electric light bulb had on humankind? Was it as easy to stay up late into the night before the electric light bulb?

One man you will learn about is Thomas Edison. Edison was truly one of the most brilliant minds to ever live. You will learn how he literally patented thousands of inventions (Mark Zuckerberg pretty much just invented Facebook!).

The activity is something I’ve never tried before. You will be getting into groups and creating a PowerPoint presentation in class on this material. You will be responsible for finding pictures on the internet to insert into your PowerPoint. Each group will create one PowerPoint. The best presentation will be used to teach this lesson next year. So,  in a way, this assignment is also a contest!

Here is the directions and template you will use: Inventions PowerPoint Group Activity. You will upload this on SpringBoard when it’s completed (due by Tuesday…but you should finish it in class today).

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