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Workers & Labor Unions

Today you will be reading Section 3 in class and completed a Guided Reading. You may work independently or in groups of 2.

Young boys working in the coal industry. Is this legal today?

This section deals with the other side of the Industrial Revolution. Up to this point, we have been talking about the 2nd Industrial Revolution from the perspective of big business and the great men who started and ran these businesses. Today we are going to look at the era from the perspective of the common people who worked for these business. You will learn about working conditions in the factories and how children were often exploited.

You will also see how workers began to unite to demand better working conditions and higher pay. We know organized groups of worker’s as Unions. You will learn about unions and their methods to get what they want. You will read about some of the major strikes of the Industrial era.

Here is today’s Guided Reading: Workers Unite Guided Reading

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