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Moving on to . . . The Progressive Movement!

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Good morning students!

I hope you all enjoyed that debate yesterday (except 2nd period). I hope to do more of these throughout the year when we have time. I even had some students come up to me after class and ask about starting a AECHS Debate Club. That’s an interesting idea and I’ll try to see if that’s possible and if there would be interest in it.

Anyways, today (Tuesday) we are moving on to the Progressive Movement. This was an era during the early 1900’s that saw a number of groups calling for reform in America. As we have already learned, Americans were facing new problems because of the trend towards urbanization brought about by the 2nd Industrial Revolution. You will read that the Progressive Movement didn’t just target one issue, but advocated reform in many areas (including in business, banks, politics, suffrage, civil rights, etc.).

Today you will be working on Chapter 16 Introduction Assignment .  You will be predicting and defining the key vocabulary words. I want you all to focus on defining the vocabulary for understanding . . . not just to write words down to answer the question. Your definitions should not be word-for-word from the book. You need to read the definition, process it and define it in your own words. This will really help you grasp the material and do well on the test.

In other news . . . 

Today Apple is holding a press conference to announce the new Iphone 5.

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