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A Depressing Decade

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Wednesday November 30, 2011

Today we will be moving forward to chapter 21–the Great Depression. This is the era of American History that falls between the two World Wars. Just a review: after the Allied victory in World War I, America entered the 1920’s as the most powerful industrial nation on earth. The decade immediately following WWI was one of general prosperity and “good feelings” in America. The economy was growing, people were working and many new consumer products were being introduced that made life easier. In history, we know this decade as the Roaring Twenties.

But the economy of the Roaring Twenties can be described as a “bubble.” It was growing and growing while containing some inherent flaws that would eventually lead to the bubble bursting. This is where we come to the Great Depression. In your reading, you will read about how the Stock Market grew in importance to the American economy during the 1920’s, but also became the start of a decade of economic declinethe Great Depression. You will learn some of the reasons for the coming of the Depression, what life was like during the Depression Era and how government tried to deal with it prior to the election of Franklin Roosevelt.

Here is your new Guided Reading: Ch. 21 (Sec. 1) GR – The Great Crash  (This includes all 3 sections of chapter 21).

We will be working in groups on Wednesday completing assigned portions of this assignment. I will be checking your thesis statements for the paper (due Friday) during the period.



Term 2 Writing Assignment

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November 23, 2011

You are being assigned a short writing assignment for the second term today. In 2-3 pages, you will be writing about how the Treaty of Versailles (the peace treaty that ended WWI) led to World War II and how one of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points could have helped prevent World War II.

You will be required to more strictly follow APA formatting for this paper. The guidelines contain links that give you further guidance on correct APA formatting. Remember, this is a short research paper. Cover the topic and points in a general and concise manner. You shouldn’t be spending hours and hours researching this topic. There is a plethora of good source material. The main thing we are focusing on is properly organizing our thoughts, proper formatting according to College level standards and a strong introduction and thesis statement.

This is due on Friday December 2


Guidelines: 2nd Writing Assignment (WWI and WWII)

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Test Preparation Help – 4/5

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Wednesday November 23, 2011

I am offering study help for today’s World War I test during 4/5 period for students in 6/7 and 9th. If you want some extra help before the test, come to my room in Ayer and we will have a group study session.

Also, a reminder to the Web Team that we are going to try to meet today after school in my room.

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Chapter 18 Test Study Guide

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Monday November 21, 2011

Just a reminder that your test on World War I will be on Wednesday of this week. Remember that there is a lot we didn’t cover in class, so you are responsible for reading the chapter and knowing the material. The Guided Readings will help as well.

Here is your Study Guide: Chapter 18 Test Study Guide

Here is the PowerPoint from Friday: World War I Presentation

Think positive. Study hard. Rest well. Take a deep breath. Get an A!

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World War I – The American Home Front & End of the War

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Thursday November 17, 2011

Here is your second Guided Reading on World War I: Ch. 18.Sec 3&4 – Homefront – Peace Without Victory

This covers sections 2 and 3 of chapter 18. In these sections, you will learn about the American home front during World War I. You will learn how Americans sacrificed and mobilized to support the war effort. You will also see how the American government tried to shape and guide public opinion of the war through propaganda. Much of these themes you will see again next semester when we cover World War II.

You will then learn about how the War came to an end, President Woodrow Wilson’s grand vision of the post-World War I world, and the effects of the Great War on the world.

This Guided Reading will be due on SpringBoard on Monday night. 

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World War I

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November 16, 2011

Today we begin studying World War I and America’s role in it. We will begin today by reading and discussing the causes of WWI. Your first Guided Reading will cover both sections 1 & 2.

Ch. 18.Sec 1&2 – World Crisis

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Ch. 17 Test Study Guide

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Here is the Study Guide for Friday’s test on Chapter 17: Chapter 17 Test Study Guide

You will be given time to study tomorrow. Don’t forget to finish the Section 3 Guided Reading and submit it for credit. Also, for you students who have a printed version, make sure you show it to me tomorrow so I can give you credit!

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