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WWII – The Rise of the Dictators

January 25, 2012

Today we will begin the unit on World War II! I know that you covered much of this material thoroughly with Mr. O’Neil last year, so much of what we cover will be review. A lot of the WWII material is “fair game” on the OGT, so it is important that we review it so that the material is fresh in our minds.

Your first homework for chapter 23 is here: Ch. 23.Sec. 1 – Rise of Dictators (due Sunday night at 11:59 on SpringBoard).  I have changed the format of this homework. It is not the traditional Guided Reading format we have used. We will see this format works. Everyone will be required to do this homework because it contains many core OGT terms and concepts that we need to know.

This lesson is about how economic and political turmoil, crisis and uncertainty in the world (particularly Europe) led to the rise of charismatic, totalitarian dictators. It is important to remember that most of these men did not seize power by force, but were supported by many in their countries and viewed as “saviors.” History shows that hard times often produces extremism. Thankfully, the “zeitgeist” (spirit of the times) of totalitarianism did not hit the United States (because, as we learned last chapter, we were not immune from the hard times of the 1930’s!).  It is important to remember that even though extreme and “land hungry” men like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were the direct cause of World War II, they were a product of their age and certain historical trends brought these men to power. We will see that the cause of World War II is not as simple as: it was all Hitler’s fault (though he certainly caries the majority of the blame).

P.S. NO ONE has answered the OGT practice question for Tuesday. Please get over to the OGT blog sometime today and work on that question.

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