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Tomorrow…Last Days of WWII DVD/Printing/Homework Club

Tuesday February 7, 2012

Hello sophomores!

Tomorrow I have to attend a teacher’s meeting and will not be in class. You will have a sub. I have left a DVD for the sub to play. It is a good documentary on the last days of World War II. It will tell the story of the Americans closing in on Hitler and Berlin after they crossed the Rhine River in Germany. You will learn about the decisions of the last days of the War and how decision made in the final days (by men like Dwight Eisenhower) led to the conditions that brought about the Cold War (what we will be studying next).

The one problem is that the copy machine in the office broke today.

You will be answering questions on the DVD, which I had planned to have printed and copied for everyone. Unless the copier gets fixed before tomorrow, you will need to either do the questions on your laptop in class or print the questions out for tomorrow. Here they are:

WWII Video Questions

If some of you would be nice enough to print a few extra copies for students who forget their laptops, that would be very nice of you.

Regarding Homework Club. Since I was not going to be at Early College tomorrow, we will plan on cancelling Homework Club. We will still have it on Thursday morning. If there are any students who really feel they need HW Club on Wednesday after school, email me and I will try to get out of the meeting early and get over to Ayer and conduct homework club.

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