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Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

Here is the PowerPoint for chapter 26 for study: The Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

I plan on holding a test study session on Sunday night on the Sophomore Facebook page. I will announce the time on Facebook later this weekend.

Have a great weekend and prepare well for this test! Next week it is on to the Turbulent Sixties!

– Mr. Jones

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Sixties Music Project

Good morning sophomores!

Today we will be forming groups and assigning songs for the Sixties Music Project. Each group will be assigned a sixties song and artist. You will be analyzing the message and theme of the song within the historical context of the 1960’s cultural and political movements. You will also research the history of the band or artist that wrote or performed it.

Your group will be producing a:

  • PowerPoint
  • Poster
  • Paper

This is a project that allows you to be creative and research one of the most turbulent and intersting periods of our nation’s history–the 1960’s!

Here are the guidelines for the project: Sixties Music Project

Presentations are tentatively scheduled for April 25, 26, 27. 

Chapter 26 Test Study Guide

Don't be nervous!

Here is the study guide for the chapter 26 test on the Eisenhower Era: Chapter 26 Test Study Guide

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Guided Readings for Chapter 26

Here are the two Guided Readings for chapter 26:

Sec. 1 (Eisenhower Era) Guided Notes

Sec. 2 (Atomic Anxiety & Cultural Change)

These Guided Readings will be due on SpringBoard on Thursday night at 11:59 PM. My goal is to have the test on this chapter next Friday (March 30).


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On to chapter 26…the Eisenhower Era (the 1950’s)

Thursday March 22, 2012

We are moving on to chapter 26. This chapter is focused on life in America in the 1950’s. This covers domestic happenings and culture of the 50’s in more depth…though some of this material we have already covered last chapter and in the presentations. We will try to speed through this chapter rather quickly.

In this chapter, we will cover the Cold War strategies of Dwight D. Eisenhower (who came after Truman). We will also look briefly at the origins of the Vietnam War (which we will cover in more depth in a few weeks). You will also read more about the Television culture in America as well as the rise of the suburbs and the Interstate Highway System (all developments  of the 50’s).

Here is the first assignment: Ch. 26 Introduction (Post War America/Eisenhower Era) (This will be due on SpringBoard Sunday night March 25 at 11:59 PM).

*** We will be implementing the High Achiever Homework Policy this last semester. If you received a 93% and above on the last test (43+ points), you are exempted from turning in the homework for this chapter. If you got a 93% + and do turn in the homework, you will receive an extra credit point. REMEMBER, this policy does not mean that those exempted do not need to do anything. You still need to read and cover the material in order to do well on the next test…it just means you are not required to turn in proof to me through homework. The proof will be in the pudding (aka the next test). This puts an extra burden on you guys to practice self motivation (an important college readiness piece). By the way, 30 students qualify for High Achiever status this chapter based on the Cold War Test. This is 35% of the Sophomore class. Let’s raise that up to 40% this next test! ***

Today, 6/7 and 9th period will be will watch a 20 minute documentary on Truman and Eisenhower and then will be working on the Introduction assignment.

Good article on the Boomers…

A "Boomer" family of the 50's/60's

Some of you seemed to be interested in the topic of generational characteristics and the Baby Boomers. There is a good article on the Boomer generation on that covers their history and characteristics. Check it out here: “The Boomer Century” 

By the way, I did some reading and your generation is now being called Generation Z. For some interesting reading, do a Google search on “Generation Z” and read what people are saying about the characteristics, habits and possible future of your generation.

If you have any issues come up with your projects, email me. Remember that we will begin presenting when we get back on March 19 and 20. Remember that each group only needs to turn in 1 paper. The paper should describe what your video is about (in a paragraph) and how it fits into the historical context we have been studying. Explain the historical theme(s) it portrays and how it does that (1-2 pages max).

Have a good spring break people!

Red Scare/Post War PowerPoint

Don't be CHAWcked by the test! Study!

Here is the 2nd PowerPoint for chapter 25 (covering post-war America and the Red Scare): Red Scare/Post War America Presentation

Remember to STUDY for the test tomorrow. Students in 9th period should go over the PowerPoint and review the points of the Red Scare, Soviet Spies, China’s fall to Communism, HUAC, and Joseph McCarthy/McCarthyism. We need strong scores to end the term!!

If you guys can, get together tonight on the Sophomore Facebook page to study together. I will make myself available on there if anyone needs help.

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