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A few announcements…

Good job people! You all get an "internet" high five (don't break your computer screen though...)!

Glad to hear most of you feel you did well on today’s test. I think it will be an epic succeed for each of you and the school!

Just a few reminders/announcements:
1. Ms. Connolly is offering EXTRA CREDIT to those who do a current event this coming week. Make sure you take advantage of those 10 extra points! Bring it on Monday.

2. I will be in class on Monday for Ms. Connolly. You will be working on your Cold War propaganda projects. You can use this time to come up with an idea and start writing a script or to begin filming (if you already have your idea). Be prepared to get your idea approved by me this coming week. Ms. Connolly will also be giving you Tuesday to work on it. For you who are saying you won’t be able to get together with your groups over Spring Break, made sure you take advantage of this time your being given!

3. I am planning on having the test over chapter 25 on Friday. Be prepared. This will be your last major grade before the grading period closes.

Okay that is it. Have a great weekend sophomores!

Mr. Jones

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