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Lyndon Johnson & the Great Society

Lyndon Johnson meeting with Martin Luther King Jr.

Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) took over the presidency after the death of John F. Kennedy. President Johnson’s presidency is marked by two major themes: The Great Society programs he advocated and signed and the escalation of the Vietnam War.

The Great Society can be considered part 2 of the New Deal reforms of the 1930’s under FDR. Johnson increased the power and influence of the Federal Government in order to begin Federal programs that were intended to help the poor, advance civil rights, promote environmental protection and advance the arts. You will learn about how these programs changed American society and how many exist today. This is part of the big theme of an increase in the size and influence of the Federal government that began with TR and the Progressives and continued with FDR’s New Deal program and then Johnson’s Great Society.

Next week, we will begin covering what LBJ is mainly remembered for–the tragedy that is the Vietnam War.

Here is the new Guided Reading. Be prepared to begin working on this tomorrow (Thursday): Ch. 27.Sec. 3 – LBJ & The Great Society (due on SpringBoard Tuesday April 17 at 11:59). Friday, we will have a guest teacher in the room to teach more about the New Deal: Mr. Matthew Ballard.

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