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Final Assessment Study Guide

Hello Jophomores (Sophomores soon to be Juniors…)

Here is the study guide i’ve prepared for the Final Assessment you will be taking next week. I have also included the exam schedule for your convenience. If you are familiar with the terms and concepts in the study guide, you should do well.

Final Assessment Study Guided – Spring 2012

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The Civil Rights Movement

On Thursday we will have a guest teacher…Mr. Terrell Kemp. He will be teaching the Civil Rights movement to all of the classes I have tomorrow. This material will show up on the exam, so you will need to give Mr. Kemp your full attention. Since Mr. Kemp is planning on being a teacher, I am giving him the opportunity to teach for a day. I want you all to be respectful and attentive to him.

Here are the notes he provided for his lesson: Civil Rights Notes (Kemp)

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