I am a 10th Grade United States History Teacher/12th Grade Government & Economics teacher here at Akron Early College High School. I co-teach the class with Ms. Cheryl Connolly. I currently teach in the classroom on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Friday in Ayer Hall 304. Ms. Connolly teaches Monday and Tuesday and is in the office at Poslky the rest of the week.

About Erik Jones

Erik Jones grew up in Akron and graduated from Ellet High School in 2002. He attended the University of Akron where he majored in Secondary Education and History. He student taught in the spring of 2009 for Mrs. Susan Elliott’s 8th Grade American History Class at Spring Hill Junior High School in Springfield Township. He graduated from UA in 2009 with Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in Education and History.

From August 2009 until the present, he has worked for the Akron Public Schools and the Springfield Local School districts as a Substitute Teacher. He began working at AECHS on February 7, 2011 as a long-term substitute teacher. He was hired part time by Akron Public Schools to work at AECHS in October 2011.

Contact Information:

Email: erikdavidjones@gmail.com



My Schedule (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

1          7:45-8:35             American Government

2.        8:50-9:40             U.S. History

3.        9:55-10:45           U.S. History

4/5     11:00-11:50         Lunch

6/7     12:1:00                 U.S. History

8          1:10-2:00             Planning

9          2:15-3:05             U.S. History

  1. Kaleigh herring
    October 31, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    hello Mr. Jones, my springboard hasn’t been working, would it be alright if i showed you my chap.17 sec. 1 guided reading and intro assignment Wednesday before class?

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