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The Civil Rights Movement

On Thursday we will have a guest teacher…Mr. Terrell Kemp. He will be teaching the Civil Rights movement to all of the classes I have tomorrow. This material will show up on the exam, so you will need to give Mr. Kemp your full attention. Since Mr. Kemp is planning on being a teacher, I am giving him the opportunity to teach for a day. I want you all to be respectful and attentive to him.

Here are the notes he provided for his lesson: Civil Rights Notes (Kemp)

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Veitnam War/Hmong – Part 2

Here is part 2 of today’s class in 3rd period…

End of Vietnam War Lesson & PowerPoint

Here is the video from today’s lesson on the ending of the Vietnam War and the brief history of the Hmong.

Here is the PowerPoint: End of the War PP


The Vietnam War Ends…

Hello Sophomores,

By the end of this week we will be done with the Vietnam War and ready to move on to your Sixties Music Projects. I hope those are coming along well.

Here is the last Guided Reading for Chapter 29 on the Vietnam War. As you go through this, you will learn about the War under Richard Nixon (who became President after Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t seek a second term) and how the war eventually ended. You will also learn about the legacy the war had on different people and our nation. Here is the Guided Reading: Ch. 29.Sec 4 GR (Vietnam War Ends) (due on Thursday night on SpringBoard).

Remember your test will be this Friday. It will cover Chapter 27 (Kennedy Era), the JFK Assassination and Chapter 29 (Vietnam War).

For those going to Cedar Point, remember the final payment is due on May 7.

Vietnam War PowerPoint and Video

Here is the PowerPoint presentation for the lessons on the origins of the Vietnam War: Vietnam War PP

Please be familiar with the start of the war leading up to Johnson. You should know who the Vietcong were, Kennedy’s actions and ideas about Vietnam, Johnson’s perspective, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident and resolution.

I filmed the 9th period class today. Unfortunately there was a problem in the uploading and it only uploaded 10 minutes of the 38 minute  lesson. So you can see those 10 minutes here:   (digitally filming and archiving classes is my latest hairbrained scheme to integrate technology into our school and classroom).

Remember the Chapter 29 Introduction is due tonight on SpringBoard.

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Vietnam War Notes & Guided Reading

Good morning sophomores!

Today in class we will begin discussing the origin and beginning of the Vietnam War. We will review some material we covered a few weeks ago and proceed forward to the reasons for American  escalation of forces in Indochina.

Here are the materials for the Vietnam War chapter:

Ch. 29 Sec 1 Notes (The War Develops) (not due for a grade)

Ch. 29.Sec 2-3 GR (Vietnam War)  (due on SpringBoard on Monday April 23 at 11:59 PM)

Come to class prepared to take notes and discuss.

A few more announcements…

1. Homework Club tonight will be held at the Central Hower gymnasium. I am watching intermurals for Mr. O’Neil tonight, so we will have to have it there.

2. Chess Club is free to meet as well in Mr. O’Neil’s room. I will leave the chess boards in my room with the door open so you can come in and get them. I won’t be there, but you can still play. Keep track of the matches and who wins. If you would rather bring them down to the Central Hower gymnasium and play there, that is fine too. You would just be responsible for bringing them back to my room.

3. If you are planning on coming to Homework Club on Thursday morning, let me know today.

Have a great day!

Now onto the Vietnam War

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Hello sophomores. Tomorrow we will be moving on to the Vietnam War. This is one of the most controversial and troubling wars in American history. No war was more controversial and more of a quagmire (look it up!) than Vietnam. The Vietnam War is the basis for the protest, discontent and rebellion of the youth of the 60’s and 70’s that we will look at next week. The Vietnam War changed America in many ways. It is important that you leave this class with a solid understanding of it because it is so often the basis for analyzing wars and government action today.

Please do the Chapter Introduction tonight and be prepared to discuss the Vietnam War in class tomorrow.

Ch. 29 Introduction (Vietnam War) (due on SpringBoard Thursday night)