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Good article on the Boomers…

A "Boomer" family of the 50's/60's

Some of you seemed to be interested in the topic of generational characteristics and the Baby Boomers. There is a good article on the Boomer generation on that covers their history and characteristics. Check it out here: “The Boomer Century” 

By the way, I did some reading and your generation is now being called Generation Z. For some interesting reading, do a Google search on “Generation Z” and read what people are saying about the characteristics, habits and possible future of your generation.

If you have any issues come up with your projects, email me. Remember that we will begin presenting when we get back on March 19 and 20. Remember that each group only needs to turn in 1 paper. The paper should describe what your video is about (in a paragraph) and how it fits into the historical context we have been studying. Explain the historical theme(s) it portrays and how it does that (1-2 pages max).

Have a good spring break people!