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Vietnam War Notes & Guided Reading

Good morning sophomores!

Today in class we will begin discussing the origin and beginning of the Vietnam War. We will review some material we covered a few weeks ago and proceed forward to the reasons for American  escalation of forces in Indochina.

Here are the materials for the Vietnam War chapter:

Ch. 29 Sec 1 Notes (The War Develops) (not due for a grade)

Ch. 29.Sec 2-3 GR (Vietnam War)  (due on SpringBoard on Monday April 23 at 11:59 PM)

Come to class prepared to take notes and discuss.

A few more announcements…

1. Homework Club tonight will be held at the Central Hower gymnasium. I am watching intermurals for Mr. O’Neil tonight, so we will have to have it there.

2. Chess Club is free to meet as well in Mr. O’Neil’s room. I will leave the chess boards in my room with the door open so you can come in and get them. I won’t be there, but you can still play. Keep track of the matches and who wins. If you would rather bring them down to the Central Hower gymnasium and play there, that is fine too. You would just be responsible for bringing them back to my room.

3. If you are planning on coming to Homework Club on Thursday morning, let me know today.

Have a great day!


Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

Here is the PowerPoint for chapter 26 for study: The Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

I plan on holding a test study session on Sunday night on the Sophomore Facebook page. I will announce the time on Facebook later this weekend.

Have a great weekend and prepare well for this test! Next week it is on to the Turbulent Sixties!

– Mr. Jones

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Red Scare/Post War PowerPoint

Don't be CHAWcked by the test! Study!

Here is the 2nd PowerPoint for chapter 25 (covering post-war America and the Red Scare): Red Scare/Post War America Presentation

Remember to STUDY for the test tomorrow. Students in 9th period should go over the PowerPoint and review the points of the Red Scare, Soviet Spies, China’s fall to Communism, HUAC, and Joseph McCarthy/McCarthyism. We need strong scores to end the term!!

If you guys can, get together tonight on the Sophomore Facebook page to study together. I will make myself available on there if anyone needs help.

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Extra Credit Opportunity – McCarthy Article

Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Here is an opportunity to receive 4 extra credit points before the term ends. I have posted an article on the top link tab entitled “The Humiliation of Joseph McCarthy.” It covers Joseph McCarthy and his actions that we know in history as “McCarthyism.” Sen. Joseph McCarthy is the face of the Second Red Scare.

Read the article and answer these questions: The Humiliation of Joseph McCarthy Extra Credit Assignment

This extra credit is due on SpringBoard by Friday night at 11:59 PM.

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New OGT Practice Blog

January 22, 2012 1 comment

Hello sophomores,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a new blog for OGT practice.

You can find it here:

Here is how it will work:

This is a new blog will have interactive discussions on OGT vocabulary terms. Every couple days, I will post a few terms and concepts that frequently show up on the OGT test. What I would like you to do, is look them up and when you feel you understand them, write out a brief definition/explanation of each in the comments. By looking at all the different explanations, it is our hope that you will gain fuller knowledge of the various topics. This is open and interactive meaning you are free to not only write explanations, but discuss the topics among yourselves (and with me) and ask questions. Please check this page frequently and make use of it. Your graduation may depend on it!!!!!!

Please subscribe to this page for the next month as we prepare together for the OGT.

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This coming week…

January 1, 2012 2 comments

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone has had a good winter break. I just wanted to let you know that I will be giving you time to work on the New Deal project this coming week when we get back. I know not everyone would be able to get together with other people in their group over the break. If you did, that’s great. If not, you will have time this week.

Remember we will be meeting in Polsky 204 when we return on Wednesday!

Also, check out the updated look to the AECHS website:  I was able to get into the current website and make some changes. We still hope to build a new website this year, but (for the short term) the current website looks more presentable. You no longer have to enter a “door” to get to the actual webpage. Also, there are links to Zipline and SpringBoard at the top of the page as well as a “Staff” page that is easier to find what your looking for (teacher pages, emails).

Enjoy your last two days off!!!!

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