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Final Assessment Study Guide

Hello Jophomores (Sophomores soon to be Juniors…)

Here is the study guide i’ve prepared for the Final Assessment you will be taking next week. I have also included the exam schedule for your convenience. If you are familiar with the terms and concepts in the study guide, you should do well.

Final Assessment Study Guided – Spring 2012

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Veitnam War/Hmong – Part 2

Here is part 2 of today’s class in 3rd period…

End of Vietnam War Lesson & PowerPoint

Here is the video from today’s lesson on the ending of the Vietnam War and the brief history of the Hmong.

Here is the PowerPoint: End of the War PP


Study Guide Posted

April 24, 2012 1 comment

Here is the Study Guide for Friday’s test covering Chapter 27 and 29: Vietnam War Study Guide (2012)

All the PowerPoint presentations are located on the “Uploads” page to help you study. Pay special attention for the terms and concepts that we didn’t get to in class.

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Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

Here is the PowerPoint for chapter 26 for study: The Eisenhower Era PowerPoint

I plan on holding a test study session on Sunday night on the Sophomore Facebook page. I will announce the time on Facebook later this weekend.

Have a great weekend and prepare well for this test! Next week it is on to the Turbulent Sixties!

– Mr. Jones

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Chapter 26 Test Study Guide

Don't be nervous!

Here is the study guide for the chapter 26 test on the Eisenhower Era: Chapter 26 Test Study Guide

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Red Scare/Post War PowerPoint

Don't be CHAWcked by the test! Study!

Here is the 2nd PowerPoint for chapter 25 (covering post-war America and the Red Scare): Red Scare/Post War America Presentation

Remember to STUDY for the test tomorrow. Students in 9th period should go over the PowerPoint and review the points of the Red Scare, Soviet Spies, China’s fall to Communism, HUAC, and Joseph McCarthy/McCarthyism. We need strong scores to end the term!!

If you guys can, get together tonight on the Sophomore Facebook page to study together. I will make myself available on there if anyone needs help.

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