Links & Resources

The Boomers

“The Boomer Century” (Article from American Heritage Website). This is a good article on the history and characteristics of the Baby Boomer generation. For you interested in this topic and found generational studies interesting, you should enjoy this article.

Progressive Era Video Resources
The Unfinished Nation: Progressive Era Documentary
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
History Channel: Teddy Roosevelt Videos

Segregation & Discrimination Links
 Jim Crow YouTube Video
Plessy vs. Ferguson article
History of Lynching
Washington & Du Bois 


Immigration Through Ellis Island YouTube Video

Civil Rights Links

Jackie Robinson Breaks Barriers (History Channel)
Separate But Unequal (History Channel)
Little Rock 9 – 50th Anniversary (YouTube)
Elizabeth Entrance (YouTube)
The Montgomery Bus Boycott (YouTube)
James Meredith & Ole Miss (YouTube)
Segregation at All Costs: Bull Connor & the Civil Rights Movement (YouTube)
Lyndon Johnson – Remarks on Signing Voting Rights Act (YouTube)

JFK Beyond Conspiracy Video
If you forgot your computer or were absent on Wendesday, you can watch the videos and complete the questions.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5
Part 9

Links for Kennedy Era Guided Reading Notes

Cuba & the Bay of Pigs YouTube Video
JFK: The New Frontier (History Channel Video)
Kennedy Sets Goal for Man on the Moon (History Channel Video)
Lyndon B. Johnson – The Great Society (YouTube Vide0)

Link for Television Era Guided Notes

The Interstate Highway System

Links from Arms Race Guided Notes

The Hydrogen Bomb (Fox News Special Report)

Operation Alert (PBS)

News – Know what’s happening in the world around you

CNN News

FOX News

Christian Science Monitor

The Week

Google News

PCWorld (News about technology)

BBC News (British news website. Covers international news better than most American news sources)

Real Clear Politics (Good source for American political news and political polling data)

Akron Beacon Journal

History Resources

American Heritage – Find good articles on different topics on American History. Could be a good resource for reference material for papers and reports.

Digital History Online American History Textbook

Digital History Primary Source Documents

For Fun

Play Super Mario Brothers Online (But NOT during class!!!!)

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